let's put a good label on women.

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the founder

hi, i'm jamie! a social media marketer by day, biz owner by night. all my life i've grown up with the mentality that anyone could be anything they want to be. but it took years to begin believing it was true for myself.

its easy to feel behind or not good enough when you look at others around you, and i wanted to create a space for women to feel bold and confident in themselves no matter what stage of life they're in. that they are enough and can accomplish anything they put their mind to.

the story

i decided one day to take a mental health week (yes, a week!) off of work to rest and recharge as i was starting to feel burnt out. 

in the midst of a global pandemic and a country screaming for help divided by all types of social injustices, i needed time to recharge.

instead of relaxing, my mind churned like never before. i realized i needed to find a platform that helped other women feel uplifted, empowered, and confident. and i needed the message to be louder than ever.

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the mission

we're on a mission to help women feel empowered. to demystify stereotypical labels for women and allow women to label themselves (and those around them) with positive, affirmative words that help them believe they are enough. all too often, we feel lesser, and it's about time we change that narrarive.

by encouraging other women to wear their label loud and proud, we are making a difference. we are stronger together, so let's keep spreading the mission.

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women supporting women

a portion of all sales goes directly towards benefitting an organization that helps empower women and girls around the world

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be what you want to be

have an idea? don't see a word that you believe defines you and don't see items for it? let us know! we're always looking to support you.

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earth first

your apparel is created with the earth in mind. the process focuses on water reduction, energy reduction, and producing virtually zero waste.

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